India Travels (photos)

All Photos by Laura Jones 2011

Arrival in Madurai

“Wait on the platform for me, because there are a lot of stairs.  If I’m not there, go up the stairs, exit to platform 1 and wait by the ticket booth. If I’m not there, take a rickshaw to Madurai Residency; we’re in room 401 and 402.  The rickshaw shouldn’t cost more than 30 rupees.  […]

New Adventures

Destination India Memories of Celo, North Carolina Both Celo, North Carolina and Mitraniketan in Kerala, India are intentional communities, planned on similar values – emphasis on education, meaningful work, non-violence, cooperation, simplicity, and environmental stewardship.  Celo was founded in 1937 and Mitraniketan in 1956. Today, both communities are thriving. After getting to know Arthur Morgan […]